35+ years specialization in Commercial Real Estate and Environmental Risk Management helping Investors achieve massive wealth and success in the “High-Risk” asset class while doing it all “In-house Turnkey” service which differentiates GeoTech from other Brokerages.

About GeoTech Realty

GeoTech Realty, Inc. is a licensed commercial real estate brokerage.

Maximize the value of your property: unlock the potential for higher profits and a smooth sale

GeoTech fully understands the challenges our clients are facing today; no exit strategy, maximizing value of the property, solving property condition issue, and ambiguous legal or regulatory liability.

Perform an In-Depth Due Diligence Review

Implement a Unique Marketing Strategy

Negotiate Complex Contracts

Don’t risk your transaction falling through because your advisors didn’t perform their due diligence.

For skilled representation in commercial real estate properties contact the leading experts.

Learn the Key drivers in selling your property!

Ultimately, a combination of factors will determine the attractiveness of selling the property to potential buyers and influence the successful sale of the property. Sellers who understand and address these factors strategically can position their property effectively in the market and obtain maximum profit and in the shortest period.

  • Establish a pricing strategy
  • Understand investors’ points of interest
  • Marketing your property
  • Much more!