Industrial And Warehouse Properties

Industrial Warehouse

Despite facing significant challenges in the real estate transaction, the determined buyer successfully acquired a 20-acre former fertilizing plant. The property held immense potential, but concerns arose when a former environmental consultant suggested possible contamination from past chemical usage. Further, the buyer’s former agent, lacking experience in dealing with contaminated sites, cautiously advised terminating the transaction.

However, not willing to give up on this promising opportunity, the buyer engaged GeoTech for a comprehensive review of the environmental reports. Much to their relief, GeoTech identified that the site had been improperly assessed, and no contamination was present, clearing the way for a possible purchase. Emboldened by the new findings, the client entrusted GeoTech with pursuing the acquisition.

Ultimately, the buyer successfully secured the property for a price of $1.5 million, a decision that proved wise as the property’s value soared to an impressive $2.7 million in less than 16 months.

"Had I not met Neil, I would have walked away from a fantastic investment opportunity.

I did not realize that a simple explanation of the due diligence and its “cause and effect” would make or break a great opportunity. Neil is a must when you need to interpret environmental issues and its use in navigating a successful commercial real estate transaction especially when it is mired with environmental liability concerns. Hire Neil. He is worth every dollar.”